Privacy Policy

Melchers & Co. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ("The Company") understands the significance of Personal Data Protection for Customers, Suppliers and Related persons ("you"). According to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 , the Company announces the privacy notice to inform you about details relating to the collection, use, or disclosure of personal data as follows:


  1. Objectives for collection, use, or disclosure of personal data

The Company's objectives for collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information are as follows:

1.1 Contract basis : for qualification and selection before entering into a performance contract between The Company and you, making deliveries, proceeding Accounting and Financial, providing after-sales service, and processing returns, including any action required for you to receive goods and/or services or as you request.

1.2 Legal obligation basis : for the necessity of exercising the right to comply with a court order or an order from Competent Government Authorities. this Includes disclosing or reporting your personal information to Competent Government Authorities.

1.3 Legitimate interests basis : taking into consideration fundamental rights in relation to personal data protection for the following objectives:

1) For auditing and verifying identity for making into business transactions, Juristic Act. or contracts.

2) For auditing from relevant agencies through investigation, auditing, and consulting on the exercise of legal claims or proving in legal proceedings. The Company may disclose your personal information to an attorney, legal and tax advisor, auditor, and any other consultants.

3) For risk management, auditing, and internal organization management, including personal data disclosure for internal audit and the prevention of wrongdoing or unlawful acts.

4) For analysis or evaluation, improvement, planning, and business forecasting.

5) For the safety of the building areas or facilities from CCTV recording.

1.4 Consent : The Company will perform activities for the following purposes with your permission :

1) To inform customers, suppliers and related persons about information and business benefits via e-mail, SMS, applications, social media, telephone, etc.

2) With your consent, the Company will collect, use, and disclose sensitive personal data such as health information, religion information, and other sensitive personal data on your identity card for identification reasons.

  1. Collection, use, or disclosure of personal data

Personal data collected, used, or disclosed by the Company includes, but is not limited to, the following:

2.1 Personal data: name-surname, title, gender, date of birth, ID card number, Passport number, Tax ID number, position, nationality, age, work experience, expertise, aptitude, including sensitive data such as religion, ethnicity, and health data, which the Company is permitted to collect by your consent or by law.

2.2 Contact information: address, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail.

2.3 Accounting and financial information: bank account numbers, business transactions, price, and product details.

2.4 Other personal data: information on the use of information systems and websites, CCTV camera and audio recording, Meeting audio recording

            The Company does not intend to collect and process personal data of minors under the age of 10. If you are a minor under the age of 10 or a quasi-incompetent person or incompetent, wishes to use the website, contact us about any products or services, including providing your personal data. Your parent or legal guardian will be asked to act on your behalf and provide consent to the company. If the Company finds that your personal information was collected without the legal consent of the person exercising parental authority or a guardian, the Company reserves the right to reject your request and will immediately delete and destroy your personal data, unless the processing of your personal data can be justified by another legal basis other than obtaining consent.


  1. Personal Data Sources

The Company may collect personal data directly from you by exchanging business cards, providing information for qualification, entering contracts, and so on, or the Company may obtain your personal data from other sources, such as sales representatives in other business groups of business partner company or affiliates, customers or agents of the Company who are recommending, and so on.


  1. Personal data disclosure and overseas data transfer

The Company will not disclose your personal data to third parties and/or transfer personal data overseas unless you have been properly informed and/or consented or required by law to disclose or report personal data to regulatory authorities, government agencies, and other agencies relating to the Company's business operations.

The Company may store your data on a computer, server, or cloud service provided by a third party. and may use a program or application in the form of a ready-made software service or a ready-made platform service to process your personal data, but the company does not allow unrelated person to have access to personal information and will necessitate the implementation of appropriate security measures.

Furthermore, the Company may be required to disclose your personal data to relevant third parties for the purposes, such as account verification, legal counsel, audits, assessments, litigation, and other business-related activities.



  1. Personal data retention period

The Company will keep your personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of each type of personal data, in accordance with legal, accounting, tax, and other related requirements. Unless the law allows for a longer retention period. If the Personal data retention period cannot be specified, the Company will collect it for a general legal period of up to ten years.


  1. Rights of the data subject

6.1 Right to be informed

6.2 Right of access

6.3 Right to data portability

6.4 Right to object

6.5 Right to erasure

6.6 Right to withdraw consent

6.7 Right to restriction of processing

6.8 Right to rectification

6.9 Right to complain

In this regard, the Company will consider and notify the result of the consideration in accordance with the request to exercise your rights within 30 days of receiving a request, and the Company may contact the owner of the personal data for additional information to assess and verify your request.


  1. Cookies

The Company uses cookies to collect personal data as specified in the Cookie Policy.


  1. Contact information.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice or wish to exercise the rights of the personal data subject, please contact at


Data Protection Officer : DPO

Email :

Address : 15th Floor ,Sorachai Building, 23/38-39 Soi Sukhumvit 63, Sukhumvit Road, Khlongton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Telephone 02 714-3070 ext. 122

Website :


  1. Reviewing, changing, or amending this Privacy Notice

The Company may consider periodically reviewing, updating, or amending the Privacy Notice for customer, suppliers and related persons. If there is an update, change, or amendment to comply with legal requirements, the Company will notify you via the Company's website The new Privacy Notice will be effective on the date announced.